So, I’m officially work-free for 9 days! Well, that’s including the weekends (once again, despite that volunteering next Saturday, but that’s only 3 hours out of my open schedule). This is a very good thing.

Unfortunately, starting yesterday (of course), I was having back pains that a lot of people wanted to attribute to kidney stones/problems. I’m keeping my chin up and attributing it to the fact that I sleep in a bed that’s too small and have the worst diet ever. I need to work on that. Let’s hope any sort of real health problems decide to bypass me.

I really need this time to myself. As Tenacious D once said, I’m “searching for inspirado.” Ever have that time in your life when you have no idea what you’re doing/want to do and you’re starting to forget who you are and what you like? And everyone else seems to be doing something awesome or better than you? Okay, maybe it’s just me…but that’s sort of what I’m going through right now.

Not that long ago, I was the girl who carried around at least 2 cameras at once, who had fun plans all the time (even if they were the same things over and over with good people), who felt happy with the season and with life. But then, I think I started to fall into a rut. Work started to stress me out, money started to stress me out, and I lost track of all the things that are actually me. I started looking at everyone else’s life and getting jealous and I hate that feeling more than anything. I’m hoping to get back to that happy me state.

I don’t have many plans but here are some things I want to do on vacation…:

  • Sleep in everyday!
  • Finish rolls of film on each of my cameras and take lots of pictures with the digital.
  • Wear whatever I want all day long
  • Swim with friends
  • Drive around, listen to great music, and go where the day takes me
  • Buy an iPhone 4
  • Travel to New Jersey to see Kings of Leon and tailgate with my bfffff Rafter
  • Clean out my room/closet and give clothes away that I never wear
  • Eat healthier (and for some reason I think the OPPOSITE of this is going to happen)
  • Maybe dye my hair again?

The best part is not really knowing what’s going to happen…just doing it. I hope I get a nice refreshing vacation full of stress-free activities, friendship, freedom, and fun!


Summer Jam

You know that album you come across each year that sort of defines your summer? No matter where you are in your life later, you always remember driving in the car with the windows down, your hair still wet from swimming and your skin all brown from the sun? Best Coast’s Crazy For You has quickly become that record for me.


I’ll be the first to admit it’s a bit repetitive (I should count how many times she uses the words “want” “crazy” and “lazy”), but it’s so laid back and sunny, and I love Bethany Cosentino’s voice. And I maybe relate to a few of those songs myself…

Best Coast

Oh how I long to be a rockstar…


I don’t know why or how or what…but for some reason my friends, and not just acquaintances but best friends, all have birthdays within a 10 day period.

First was Lauren (7/20):

then Ed (7/24):

then Rafter (7/27):


and tomorrow is Tracy’s (7/30):


These people are my soul mates, ex-roommates, confidantes, partners in crime. Is it a coincidence that they are all Leos (ok, except for Lauren, but she’s right on the cusp!)? I don’t know. But I’m sure glad they are part of my life.



I have missed blogging SO MUCH. I am sorry I’ve been missing lately, but it seems to be an ongoing trend in the blogosphere (is that what they call it?). Except, I went to look at my usuals and all of them had suddenly decided to post a bunch. Meanwhile, it’s been nearly a week since my last post. Lots of craziness is going on in my life. Top it off with computer problems and a sudden stomach bug, and I just haven’t had much to share with all y’all.

I’m desperately waiting for 5:40 pm this Friday. VACATION BEGINS! No work ‘til August 9th. Woooo! I have a lot of things I’d like to do and a few of those things actually planned. So at least I’ll have time to let the creative juices flow, finish off rolls of film in cameras I haven’t touched in what feels like forever. I’ve missed this.

I’m off to see Inception…finally! I know you all have probably already seen it. I can’t wait…hope it’s good. I also hope I don’t fall asleep. I don’t think I will, but work’s been rough haha.

Expect some more posts this week!


Some Photos…

IMG_6262IMG_6231 IMG_6256 IMG_6260 IMG_5739 IMG_6189IMG_5958

Some random photos taken with my
Canon Powershot.


I ♥ Flo

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with Florence + the Machine. Yes, I’ve talked about this before, but it’s official now. Florence Welch’s voice is strong and powerful and the music is so beautiful. I also adore Florence Welch in general. Just watch any of the music videos and her passion and her dance moves are so perfect. I also love red hair lately. I’m totally obsessed. So I think she’s fabulous.

flo9 flo2 flo7 flo{All images from Florence Welch Fan}


Harsh Times


Things were going so well, but I guess you can’t enjoy the highs if you don’t go through the lows. At first, I was just feeling funky and weird. Then, unfortunately, a few things happened that complicated my life. Oh, and there’s also the fact that I always complicate my life even more. I’m trying really hard to get over this hump. I’m hoping I don’t have to deal with it or worry about things for too much longer. But, as all these experiences usually do, I’m thinking of a lot of things I want to change.

  • I need to start doing exercise. Even if I just start doing it once a week for 20 minutes. I always feel better. It’s not too look good. It’s too feel better, to exercise my body and mind.
  • I need to start eating better. Less processed foods. I want to start reading labels and picking foods that have very few ingredients, or at the very least, very few ingredients I don’t recognize.
  • I need to start going to bed earlier. I stay up killing brain cells and hurting my eyes (and sometimes crushing my soul) looking at Facebook all night. I should be getting well rested, so I can wake up and have some time in the morning to get ready, have a good breakfast, and not feel like crap when I get to work.
  • I need to be more responsible with my heart. I tend to feel bad doing things I want to do or doing the right thing for myself because I worry about how other people will feel. And then, I get my heart broken or my trust betrayed and I end up in horrible situations I could’ve very easily avoided. I feel bad that I can’t wear my heart on my sleeve. But I guess it’s more so that I should be choosy about who I do that with.
  • I need to be strong and tough. I need to tackle issues head on. I need to stop feeling bad for myself and just forget about it and let things happen.

I need some retail therapy. I need a good time. Good food. Good people around me. No worries or stress. I just want to get back to good again.



My eyes are in a bit of a pickle. I went to the doctor and found out that I’ve been wearing contacts way too often, and my eyes are becoming very irritated and sensitive (and in turn, bloodshot and dry and scary) because of it. According to him, this is my wake-up call. If I don’t start doing it properly, and giving my eyes a rest by wearing glasses more, I might be stuck wearing glasses to tha death. So…needless to say, I’m wearing my glasses. Especially since I’m waiting for my eyes to not be so red anymore.

Unfortunately, I’ve had this pair since 2006. Let’s just say, they aren’t exactly spot on prescription-wise, and they aren’t really my style anymore. So this is the kick in the pants I need to finally buy a pair of nice, simple, professional, womanly but also cute spectacles so that I can protect myself, look and feel comfortable with myself, and see perfectly all at the same time.

glassesgirl ==
The FIT Couture Council Luncheon honoring ALBER ELBAZ of LANVIN==
Rainbow Room, NYC==
Saptember 5, 2007==
Photo - JOE SCHILDHORN/PatrickMcMullan.com==
==glasses2 glassesmeganglasses_olsen

I guess it’s a little obvious what style I’m into. 

{Images from Google and Geek, c’est Chic)

New Tunes

A friend shared this video with me on Facebook, because he felt it was a mix of Hot Chip and The xx, two bands I really enjoy. He was right. This video is super-cool. There are huge popular artists who can’t get their videos to look this clear, crisp, and flat out awesome. And of course, I love the song. Electronic beats make me smile.


I’ve been tagged by Sarah over at Love You in the Fall, which is an adorable mix of fashion, music, inspiration, and humor.

I feel lucky, I am an obscure tiny blog and am convinced no one really reads this so…

1) Thank the person who gave this to me: Thanks, Sarah! I feel special.

2) Copy and insert award into post and on blog.


3) Name three things you love about yourself.

1. My personality/sense of humor/POV. If everything else seems to be crumbling, I always seem to amuse myself with things that I think are funny/cool. I think it’s so important to have your personality and all that it entails define who you are more than anything else. You use that as fuel to get through your life. And it will always be there for you, because it is you!

2. My body. No, it isn’t super fit or super thin or anything. In fact, I’m surprised that I’m at my weight considering the horrible foods I eat/booze I like to drink. However, this body is what carries me everywhere. It hasn’t really let me down. I want to take care of it more, exercise, and treat it well. But otherwise, my body isn’t something I stress over, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

3. My sense of style. This defines me. What you see is what you get. I like to mix and match and do different things and be a different person any day of the week. But it’s always me. I can be a very insecure person, but honestly, the clothes I wear/buy/are into have helped me open in up in someway. A lot of people remember me for bright magenta/gold leggings (and sometimes they are scared) but once they meet me, they get it.

4) Post a photo that you love.


This was hard to choose. But this is from my first color roll of Holga 120 film, what I would call the beginning of my photography hobby/camera obsession (which, as you know, is still alive and well). I took this at LBI in New Jersey, where I went last year with people who I hardly ever talk to anymore. If I were to do that now, I don’t know if it would be as fun as it was last year, or comfortable.

Regardless, this is one of the first double exposures I took. It makes me happy every time, because the beach is always a great place to be, the weather looks perfect, and it reminds me of my fun sort-of college days.

5) Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to:

Unfortunately I don’t know many people with blogs…and I’m super shy about tagging people I don’t really know (even if I’m a follower of their blogs). So if you read this, go ahead and do it!


4th of July weekend.

How is this already over? How is Maria already back from Florida? Man, time is going so fast. I don’t know if I like that so much.

Lately, I’ve been in a funk, which sucks because life has been pretty great lately. I’m trying to overpower that sad part of my mind and remind myself of all the good things. I don’t like to get all emotional on the blog, or too personal. But I feel the need to address my current state of slumpiness just in case it results in me blogging a little less than usual.

I think I’ll make a list of things I’d like to improve soon…but I’ll work on that later (One of the things on the list? Definitely working on my procrastination.).

083 115 137 096 151 194 195



This is sooo cute. And I love her. That’s all.


For the record…

I like vampires. I read Twilight. I read the Sookie Stackhouse books. I’ve seen all the movies. And I love the show True Blood. I also loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer growing up. For some reason, my sister and I have always sort of loved supernatural TV shows and movies (and for me, books). I know it’s a huge phenomenon right now, and unfortunately, it’s become a negative thing to enjoy these movies and this TV show. But ya know what? I don’t care. And admit it…you’re kind of curious. And you kind of like it…

twilighttrueblood newmoon trueblood2