Bloomsburg Fair

Once a year, the Bloomsburg Fair rolls around. Last year, there was a terrible flood that hit the area and affected so many people. It wasn’t held, not surprisingly. But this year it’s back and better than ever! I knew I wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure when/if I’d make it. On Sunday, I got invited by my friends to go and, even though I just woke up, I threw on clothes super quick so I could enjoy tons of  munchies with some awesome people. It was great weather…a little overcast, but mostly sunny with perfect cardigan temperatures. And the food…oh yeah.


From the top:
Colorful vendors
Kohr’s, where I got an amazing Orangeade
A super crazy, super fluffy rabbit
Lovely pastel cotton candy and candy apples
A warm apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream (we ate it under a red tent, thus the strange color of the picture)
A Vince’s Cheesteak was my main course.
Blue Birch Beer and fried pickles.

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