The weekend is almost here. It has been a rough week, and I’ve let so many things hang over my head and ruin it for me.

I have one more issue to tackle. I’m super nervous. More details when I know more details…

Anyway, a full weekend is ahead. Tons of fun and relaxation to come.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! (Stress-free, y’all.)

IMG_7915{Picture from the library last night. I love this.}


Carey-d Away (haha)

I was blown away by Carey Mulligan’s photoshoot in October’s issue of Vogue.

carey-mulligan1carriemulligan3 carriemulligan4 carriemulligan2

She’s still pretty new on the scene, but so far, I really like her. Never Let Me Go seems heartbreaking and intriguing, and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews.

But mostly, I adore her pixie cut. She’s had it brown, red, blonde. It suits her perfectly. And I always get jealous of short hair…I miss mine sometimes…

Oh, and she dates Shia LeBeouf?!



  • Water with lemon
  • Sleeping/cuddling in a big comfy bed all day
  • Hummus
  • Playing with cameras/camera apps
  • Spending time indoors with the family
  • Netflix
  • Fresh air
  • New clothes
  • Daydreaming about what my life can be


  • Having to wake up and go to work
  • Being nervous about any new situation
  • Letting anxiety get the best of me
  • Arguing with people who care the most
  • Dreaming more than doing
  • Going to bed upset
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Comparing myself to other people
  • Caring what other people think

And that’s all folks. On to the next one…


I survived…

Monday, down. 4 more work days to go.

This weekend, what little I had, was pretty great. Nice weather on Saturday, which was perfect for the Bloomsburg Fair. The fair is a yearly thing. I went last year, but before that, it had been a looong time since. Now, I’d like to make it a traditional thing.

My sis, Josh, Brad, and I made it around 6-6:30 on Saturday, so we didn’t have to deal with too horrible a crowd. We got cheesesteaks and corn cobs and blue birch beer and fries and pumpkin ice cream (so insanely good, I’ve been daydreaming about it since…). The weather was perfect. Not hot, not cold. Just right. And I got plenty of cool pictures too…

IMG_7590IMG_7596 IMG_7619 IMG_7690 IMG_7743 IMG_7772 IMG_7788

Sunday, I celebrated Brad’s birthday (which is actually today, Happy Birthday!) with his family. Hibachi dinners are always a good time.

But now it’s back to the grind. I’m thankful for the full weekend I have. I’ll be working the next two Saturdays after, so I better make the best of it!


Oh…and just a reminder. I have a tumblr. I’m addicted to it, though I still love this here blog. My Viewfinder World is dedicated solely to my attempts at photography. Every Sunday, I like to reblog and repost things I’ve seen on all the other amazing tumblrs out there. So if you have one, come check mine out. I’d love to see yours!


A case of the Mondays…

Sunday nights can be really bittersweet. I had an amazing weekend (the little bit of it I can even call a weekend) and it was so tough to juggle my insane happiness and insane sadness. Oh, next weekend…come here quickly!

024 {This is where I wish I could stay for a while…}

Pictures of the weekend to come tomorrow…


A good weekend to all…

Bloomsburg Fair and birthday celebrations in store for me this round. Hopefully, my cold will continue to clear up so I can fully enjoy everything.

To say farewell ‘til Monday, here are some Hipstamatic pics from the iPhone.

029 009 010 {The film in my crappy garage refrigerator}
015 017


Small improvements…

Feeling a little better, though my face feels like a gigantic sinus balloon on the verge of popping. Laying in bed and watching Gossip Girl makes things a bit easier.

What would help even more? A cute puppy to cuddle with, of course!

If you look at this picture and don’t turn into a big puddle of happy, glowing mush, I fear you might not have a soul.


Down and out for the count…

After a week of watching everyone I work with get sick, pumping up the Vitamin C, and trying my darndest to trick my mind into thinking I was super healthy, I finally got sick. And let me tell you…this ain’t fun.

I feel like we always take our bodies for granted when we are healthy. I get used to how it feels when I can breathe through my nose. I ignore the fact that my body stays comfortable in one temperature. I forget what it’s like when I don’t want to be in bed all day.

Lord, help me. I really want to be healthy for the weekend. I NEED TO KICK THIS THING IN THE BUTT.

Colds are miserable.

Looking at fashionable inspiration on Lookbook


And looking at tons of pictures of red hair…I’m weird.

hayley's hair emmastone2{Emma Stone = Latest girl crush}



Oh my gosh…

I can’t help it. Especially when it comes to movies, I am a sucker for intrigue. For all the positive feedback and secrecy. For gimmicks.

I don’t remember where I first heard of Catfish, but it was a mention of it’s popularity at some film festival. I shrugged it off. Whatevz.

But now, it seems to be EVERYWHERE (Ok, actual truth? Zach Braff’s Facebook status, the sleeves of the last few Netflix DVDs I rented, and the teensy tiniest reviews in Rolling Stone and online, neither of which I went searching for, and a preview before the movie Easy A, which I wouldn’t say is a comparable genre). And the worst/best part? No one is saying a damn thing about this movie. All I know is, it’s a documentary. The last 40 minutes are an “emotional rollercoaster.” (Check out the trailer for more opinions!)

I am so curious but also extremely nervous to see this. Let’s see which part of me wins…

P.S. If you see this and know me…DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT. Unless I ask…


Back to reality…

I hate when the weekend is over. I hate knowing I have to go to work. I should really set up a long weekend soon…hmm…

IMG_7523 IMG_7525 IMG_7530 IMG_7534
Good weekend. Beautiful weather on Saturday (super bright, which sucked because my eye was acting up horribly, thus the glasses). The trip to King of Prussia was fun, full of iced coffee and good music and amazing summer-to-fall scenery. The shopping was also quite astounding. I obtained a lot of the things I was looking for (new jeans/jeggings, a pair of super comfortable yet chic cargos from H&M, a white button down, and thigh high socks!). Stayed up late playing Little Big Planet, slept in easily (which is almost impossible these days), and was a lazy sack of crap all day Sunday.

6 day work week this round. BAH! I will survive, I suppose.

Here’s to a great week, and an even better weekend, whenever that arrives.


Little Miss Sunshine


So this movie is like, 4 years old. I bought it months ago, but didn’t touch it until the other day.

I forgot how good this movie is.

I saw it in the movie theaters during Labor Day weekend at the beginning of my sophomore year of college. It holds a lot of memories of walking downtown and spending so much time with people I hardly see anymore but miss dearly.

Paul Dano and Steve Carrell are my favorites. It’s hard to tell so much with a few looks, and Dwayne’s freak out is one of the greatest moments of the film. And Steve Carrell…it was so easy to forget Michael Scott for a second.

littlemisssunshine2 little miss sunshine
Such a funny, sad, heartwarming, inspiring and relatable movie. It’s always fun to see a crazy family together.



I’m shopping on Saturday. I cannot wait! I don’t have that much money to blow, but there are a few pieces I’m looking for/would like to purchase if my wallet and the stores allow…

trouser {I am really craving a pair of trousers. Not red, necessarily, probably a navy or khaki. But they’d be comfy and chic, good for work or play.}

schoolgirlthighhighs {I’m dying for a pair of thigh highs/over the knee socks. Great way to go from summer to fall, good in casual and tomboyish or girly and flirty looks} 

tstraps {While her outfit is cute overall, I am really loving the shoes. I don’t necessarily need the ruffles, but I would love a nice, cute, girly, simple pair of T-straps. Either a tiny heel or flat.}

803219_LoookboookEDITTED {I never really have good transitional fall pieces. This cardigan and white Oxford combo is perfection. I could really use a white button-down.}

I’m usually pretty lucky at finding bargains. When it comes to pants, I like to buy new. But I bet I could find a lot of new(used) classic button downs, sweaters, and high-waisted skirts for dirt cheap at the Salvation Army.

Here’s to a new fall wardrobe!

(Photos from Lookbook, except for the third down, which is from the Glamour blog)



I love blogs. Adore them. I check the same few everyday. I’m always looking for new ones to read.

Is that strange? I don’t know why we take part in the Blogosphere, what makes us do it, why we take joy in it.

Let’s face it, this is a little site that I just use to document the little things in my life, share moments, my pictures, some thoughts and opinions. It’s for me to record. If people read it, then that’s excellent, even if it’s just people who know me already. Or no one at all.

I know some people make fun of blogs and things like this because most people think, “Why is your life or what you have to say so important? Who cares?” SO MANY PEOPLE DO. I look at all these blogs and see what the people who write them are doing because of it, and I’m in awe.

At first, you do it for yourself. And then who knows what can happen? That’s what I love about them. The possibilities. And I don’t know, it’s nice to get inspiration and relate to people, even if you don’t know them or ever talk to them.

If you want to check out some great, inspiring blogs, look to the left. I follow those everyday, and I promise you’ll find something to be inspired about!



I love photography. Or pictures. Picture taking. Memories on film and in JPG. Sharing them with people. Getting inspiration.

swinghair ohwowtumblr_l8elffOHuS1qcivaoo1_500 dreamroom anothergoodone

When I look at stuff like this, I get mixed feelings. I’m so excited to take great photos and share my moments and memories and things I think are beautiful. And at the same time, I think…”Who are you kidding? You’re not that good.” But you know what? I’m getting really sick of thinking that way. I’m getting really sick of holding myself back. I’m not perfect. And you can’t always win and have the best pictures all the time. Some win, some lose. But if you work hard enough, and are passionate enough, I think anything can happen.

I just gotta get some of that confidence.

{All pictures are from various Tumblrs}



Why does the weekend always fly by? Especially when it’s perfect and relaxing and all that good stuff?

I don’t have any pictures to show of it. I had a delicious pizza and wings dinner and fun on Friday, family time yesterday, and today I’ve been lounging, went for an invigorating walk, and I’ll be watching the season finale of True Blood tonight.

Not excited about the week ahead. Excited about the weekend, again, because more stuff will come and go and relieve me of my daily stresses.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and I hope you have an even better week!

Camera Lust

You didn’t think I stopped lusting after toy cameras, did you? Because, though I did satiate my appetite for a while (I do have 5 cameras in total to play with, and that doesn’t even include the things I can do on my iPhone), my eyes still wander…

cameralust A good friend introduced me to Photojojo the other day. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea… There are a lot of great accessories (I think I stumbled upon this through a different blog, so I’m sure I’m not telling you any new info), and cute little knick knacks. But this little puppy is pretty great.

Though I prefer a camera to have a flash (ok, I don’t even use it most of the time, but it’s nice to know I can if I need it), I love this. It’s such a fantastic idea. Two completely different photos on one print that can either compliment or completely contrast each other. And 35 mm film is always a plus. It’s nice to drop off the film from my wacky cameras at Rite Aid. (The Holga film gets dropped off at a special place with inconvenient, to me, hours and I usually wait a week to hear from them. They’ve forgotten to call me before, too.).

So…I’m a little tight on the budget right now, but if I find myself with a few extra bucks, I think I’m going to have to invest in this.

Gosh, I can’t believe I lived a life without all of this camera love before…


Rachel Bilson

I first fell for Rachel Bilson in 2003, when I used to watch The O.C. (seriously, what a great show?). Actually, I thought she was kind of strange looking (seriously, look at her in the first few episodes compared to the rest of the show/now and it’s a huge difference). But her style and her look…well, she’s gorgeous and she dresses perfectly.

rachel rachel2 rachek6racheltux

It’s hard to pick just a few photos of her, as she pretty much always looks gorgeous and always has the best outfits. I feel bad…she doesn’t really seem to much anymore, aside from a small Q&A about fashion in InStyle magazine. At least she still goes to lots of events. She truly is a modern day style icon.


Good Things


Eating healthier has been going well. I’m not as hungry as usual. And I don’t get stomachaches as much. And I am obsessed with vanilla yogurt and granola. Yum.

I love walking on the track at the high school. It was a super chilly/windy day, but it actually felt better than a sunny, warm day for walking. I listened to Pandora radio on my phone and it got me inspired.

Which leads me to say…I LOVE MY PHONE. It continues to blow my mind. I could take a picture while listening to music and text and call people and play games and check my websites and AHHHH! So awesome. So glad.

I got back into The XX again. Let’s face it. They aren’t really summer music. But because of the gray, chilly day, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to Wavves, which is much more a sunny fun day soundtrack. But I fell in love again. And I can’t wait to listen to my more mellow tunes and slow down.

It’s almost the weekend! It should be a good one, mainly because most of it is an open book. But also because I don’t have to work, I’ll be seeing my little cousin and some family, and the season finale of True Blood airs (finally, even though I don’t want it to end)!

Yay, y’all!

Now I just need to survive 9 hours of work tomorrow…

But it’s ok…good things await! Have a great weekend everyone!


It’s true.


I made the very best over easy, dippy eggs for dinner. It’s hard to master, and I still tend to fail. But thank God for these tonight.

Love this album.

wavves Wavves – King of the Beach

I waited too long to get a hold of this record. It is pretty awesome, from start to finish. Though summer is almost ending, it’s kind of the perfect album for running around on the beach and cruising the streets with the windows down (much like my other favorite summer 2010 album).

There’s so much to love. A lot of it is very loud and fun and rock and roll and a bit punk and a little electronic. I don’t even know how to categorize it.

But Rolling Stone recommends you Buy This Now, and I totally agree.