Project on a Whim: Bunting Flags

Like so many people, I adore bunting flags. They are the quickest way to lighten up and decorate a space.
Sure, you can buy them, but what if you want (or perhaps need, for a party) a particular color scheme or phrase?
I searched for a simple way to make bunting (I don’t know how to sew) and found this tutorial.
After that, I immediately headed to the craft store and got felt…that was the only thing I didn’t have for this project.
At .29 cents a piece, this is not an expensive craft at all. I bought 10 sheets, but I ended up using only 5.

craft1 craft2

I followed Lindsay’s tutorial to the tee. I made a triangle template to use for my felt, made holes with a puncher, and tied everything together with some thin yarn (I figure it’ll work as well as string and I already had it). The only difference is that I decided to add letters to the flags. I thought of a couple of things to put on it but finally settled on “Be Creative” because it’s something I want to do in any capacity every day.

craft3 craft4

The finished product, hanging above my bed.
I’m really pleased with it, and especially happy that I was able to do everything, the flags and the letters, with just 5 pieces of felt. I still have scraps and 5 extra sheets, meaning I can definitely make another one, maybe for Brad’s?

Next time, I’d like to make a spacer flag but hindsight is 20/20 and I still think it’s pretty great.
I predict a lot more bunting flags in my future…

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