Life and the Weekend

I find that this time of year is an especially hard time to stay motivated and inspired. I can blame the wintery weather, the cold, snowy, icy, gray days. I can blame the colds and flus that are sweeping the nation and bringing everyone down in sight. I can blame the fact that the holidays are over. And part of me even wants to blame the fact that we put so much pressure onto the arrival of a New Year and a new beginning that never really comes…well, unless you MAKE it come.

Today, I read this amazing post on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. It was exactly what I needed to hear.
I really enjoyed it, and I hope you do too!

Anyway, the weekend. Last weekend was spent in Boston and that went by all too quickly. Then, this weekend, I worked Saturday and Sunday, Brad and I headed to my house to go to the Philadelphia Auto Show with my dad, sister, and her boyfriend. We do this pretty much every year. But this time, we took a change of pace and started at Troegs Brewing Company in Hershey. My family, my boyfriend, and myself all love beer. It’s fun to go to the place where it all begins, see how the magic happens, and, of course, try some tasty beers.

Here are some photos from Troegs!


Hope you had a great weekend!

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