Happy Hallo-weekend!!!

I’ve been planning my Halloween costume for a while, so I am super-excited that the Halloween weekend has arrived! This is honestly the most effort I’ve put into something in a long time (maybe ever…I’m really not very crafty), but I’m so happy with it.


In case you aren’t familiar, my costume is the Black Swan, from the Darren Aronofsky film. If you may remember, I absolutely love this movie, Natalie Portman, ballet….I have been wanting to do this costume since I first saw the movie. I purchased the easy parts (ballet slippers, a tutu, tights…)over time, but it was this last week that I finally sat down and designed the top portion and my crown (huge thanks to The Sorry Girls on YouTube for their post…I was overwhelmed before I watched their videos!). What a relief to have it done!


The makeup is definitely one of the best parts of this costume. Again, as a not-so-crafty person, I was overwhelmed by the idea of doing it myself. But I sat down and watched this video on YouTube, and it seemed like a piece of cake! (Sorta…it takes a while for me…) One great thing to consider about this costume/makeup is that it’s kind of supposed to be…ugly and frightening a little. So it’s not perfect.
And I’m okay with imperfections…less pressure!


Just a couple of little details…the painted hands and, my favorite, her scratch marks with a little sprouting feather! Brad did an amazing job with my back. And he helped a lot with the costume (he can actually sew!! I can’t even sew…).

Maybe I shouldn’t be showing off already, when I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for Halloween. But I was just so darn excited!

I hope, whatever you do for Halloween, you have tons of fun and stay safe! Enjoy, everyone!

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