The Weekend

Yet another short and sweet weekend to add to the books. I worked Saturday, and then we just kept running around from then. Brad’s family had two graduation parties going this weekend. One Saturday on his mom’s side, one Sunday on his dad’s. I am so glad that I love all of his family. It can definitely be overwhelming at times for a shy gal like me, but it’s always an excellent time. The highlight, most definitely, was babysitting his cousin’s daughter for a while on Sunday night, and taking her for a dip in the pool. She HATED it in the beginning, but once we got her splashing, you couldn’t get her out! So adorable.


We had so much fun playing with Maddy…I sure hope it’s not a long time before we see her again! Other highlights from the weekend include spending time with Brad’s brother and his wife from Boston (only my second time seeing them!), Brad’s new Keurig, and a sunny Sunday morning spent having conversation over bagels on the deck. That’s the life.

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