2012 Recap: September – December


September is the slow-down month of the year, it seems. After the excitement and heat of the summer, the impending fall season means cozier nights with sweaters and hot coffee and everything pumpkin spice. The Bloomsburg Fair came back around, bring delicious treats with it.
My boyfriend turned 27 years old, and I shared 27 reasons why I love him. I fell in love with the VSCO Cam app, and used it religiously for the next couple of months (until Afterglow…more on that later, though). Even though I posted about it in the beginning of October, I went with my sister, her boyfriend, Brad, and my dad to Berwick Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest.
Also important: Brad’s cousin’s Bachelor/ette weekend and meeting my cousin’s baby boy for the first time!



Hello, busy month! We attended two weddings this weekend, and when I wasn’t doing this, I was working Saturdays. It all happened so fast, and certainly burned a hole in my pocket. Very memorable, though. Both weddings I attended were beautiful (The Barrys and the Sterenchocks). Because I was hurting with money, I decided to start getting crafty (Sharpie mug and Scrabble Tile Coasters to start…) and it’s been a journey ever since. Since I love my nail polish so much, I wanted to share a look inside my addiction.



November was a recovery month from the craziness of weddings. I did some more crafty things, and I fell in love with the Afterglow app. I made 4 simple goals to accomplish by the end of the year (I only really succeeded in the one, which was breaking out my Canon Rebel more often instead of relying on my phone all the time.) We had a lot of quiet weekends working on crafts, watching movies, and I started going to the library to save money on my book habit. We had an awesome Thanksgiving, just my little family of 4, and we all made tasty dishes.
The best was our mini-vacation/long weekend, where we tried zip lining for the first time. Awesome.
It was a great way to ease out of the previous month of craziness and prepare for the next month of Holiday craziness.




And here we are…hard to believe that, not only have we finished this past month, but we’ve finished this year. These past few months have been a blur…going through the posts and photos, some of these events felt further away than ones from the beginning of the year! We had a lovely, though short, holiday. I’ll just share some photos…




And that’s 2012. It’s been a crazy year. If I’m honest, it wasn’t the best. I’m ready for change, for new movements.
I can only hope that I will attempt to make any necessary changes.

For now, it’s nice to look back on the good times I had this year, with my head held high towards the future.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Have fun, stay safe!


Dinner Last Night: Traditions

My friend Dana is an amazing cook. Like, for real. And it’s not just that she’s good at it…she loves to do it.
We get spoiled yearly with an amazing “family dinner” stuffed with gnocchi and roast chicken, fresh tossed salad and orange slices drizzled with oil, salt and pepper. This was the second time, but I’m ready to go into my 60s continuing this tradition.


It was just so nice to listen to Christmas music, drink some wine, eat tasty food, and share some laughs.
I have sweet friends.

On a side note, I am obsessed with B&W photos lately. Not sure what sparked it in me. But there it is.

It’s already Friday. The holidays are so wonderful, but they goof up “real life” and I am totally confused by the days.
It’s going to happen again next week, with New Year’s!
I work tomorrow, but tonight I have an ugly sweater party (like last year) and some family is coming in. Especially excited to see my
lil cousin Danny and my cousin’s baby Niall.
Should be exciting to see the ever-growing children in the family.
Once again…time flies.


2012 Highlights: May–August


May is one of my favorite months. Beginning of summer, warm weather, long days, and, of course, my birthday. I’m happy to do a simple dinner with my family (we usually make tacos) for my birthday, but this year, Brad and I decided to do something different. I don’t remember how we decided to do it, but the Prohibition Era party we threw for my birthday was definitely one of the highlights of my life, not just the year. I didn’t expect it to be such an event, to be surrounded by awesome people who all came in costume ready to go, for all the little surprises that came along the way. What a wonderful time…
Not to mention the usual lovely May activities. I enjoyed a beautiful day in Hoboken with some wonderful ladies. My sister and I traveled to New Jersey for my cousin’s baby shower (her son, Niall, was born in July). Memorial Day weekend, which kicked off the beginning of my crazy summer of porch nights, swimming in small pools, and spending time with friends.



Enter the summer. The beginning of three months of cigar smoke, beer on back porches, laughter, silly nights.
Nothing monumental happened, but every weekend was a memory.



The 4th of July, when we ran after fireworks. My week-long stay-cation with Brad. A wedding for one of my oldest friends.
A bridal shower for a a beautiful lady who entered Brad’s family.



Lather, Rinse, and Repeat last month.



Next up…the last 1/3 of the year!