I like food…a lot. Eating is probably the best part(s) of my day. Is that sad? I don’t really care! I’m proud of my appetite. I will never be a light eater. In fact, the only time I can’t eat is when I’m anxious or upset. And I don’t like being either of those things.

I want to eat healthier…but I like me some hearty (and possibly gross?) food. Currently, I’m remembering and salivating at the thought of Shake Shack. My friend Lauren, who recently moved to NY state, recommended the place after she spent a weekend in the city. I am so glad she did, and I plan on eating there again, hopefully soon.

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Mmm…the burgers…the Arnold Palmer…the CHEESE FRIES. I’m cravin’. Hope you enjoyed the food porn. I’m hungry for sure now.

If you are near a Shake Shack, enjoy something for me! 

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