Ash Bar


I’m gonna be honest here; This summer I’ve dabbled in the art of cigar smoking. I don’t like cigarettes and I agree that smoking in general is a harmful habit, but cigars are an interesting leisure activity that has become prominent within my group of friends.
It’s not something I crave to do, but I’ve enjoyed trying a cigar here and there, puffing on a stogie, and enjoying the aromas.
Last Wednesday, Brad and I went on a double date with our friends Catie and Will to Ash. It is a super-cushy bar with leather couches, big flat-screen TVs, a great selection of food and booze, and a nice little room stacked with your choice of cigar.


Each of us had an amazing Italian meal from the restaurant upstairs, Buca de Vino. I had the Farfalle Carbonara and nearly died from deliciousness. After our dinner, it was time to head into the cigar section, pick our choices, and sit on a comfy leather chair for a nice beer, smoke, and conversation.


I’m so glad Catie and I decided to do this. It’s important to make weeknights just as fun as the weekend. Big thanks to ReferLocal for their voucher deal. It’s an excellent website that offers some great deals on restaurants, bars, and events around the area.

Can’t wait for the next double date!!

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