What To Do...

I am officially done with everything I had to do class-wise.
Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope to God I actually do graduate. I will be extrememly sad if I can't. There are some financial issues that are blocking 6 much-needed credits and I am very upset about it. I've tried not to think about it that much, and I believe everything will work out and God will help me on this.

Anyway, I had a little bit too much fun last night, and it was, I believe, the 4th night within the past week that I stayed up until about 4 AM. Yes, the party don't stop til 4 in the mooooo-nin'. And I could've gone on and on but I'm dead today.

A few good things:
1) I have lawn seats with my lovely sister to see Paramore and No Doubt in NJ this summer! it only cost 15 bucks and we are bound to be dancing up and down in the grass. This pleases me.
2) I have accepted an invitation to an old friend's beach house for a couple days at the end of June with A LOT of people I really love and miss, mostly friends who have already graduated.
3) Though I am sad in a way because its bittersweet, I made a lovely new guy friend who unfortunately packed up for home today, but who I spent most of the...hmm...5 days we knew each other texting rediculously to one another and hanging out any chance we could. I love making new friends, I just wish I had had more time with all of the new people who have recently entered my life.
4)My sister came to visit on Sunday because she FINALLY got her driver's license on Saturday and we spent the day perusing things at the mall and eating Taco Bell and eventually exchanging music, music that I happen to love by the way!

There's so much more that I love right now than hate and feel stressed about. I'll be honest...not graduating with all of my friends, or being able to walk in Wachovia and such will be really disappointing. But its all in God's hands at this point. I have to hope the check gets cashed stat and the credits make it over in time...my deadline is next Tuesday. Pray for me, people! I just want the new chapter of my life to arrive and with a little bit of ease and dignity.

And speaking of great music...I love this song and I cannot get enough of it!

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