Life is crazy cool sometimes.

I was sitting in the WRKC station and I noticed a CD set against the window.
The name was insanely familiar...and I know why.
This Gary Belles comes to Blockbuster...or moreso his daughter, who isn't young I must say.
Inside of the sleeve for the CD was a newpaper clipping for a memorial of Gary Belles Jr., who was my age, but died in 2005, the year I graduated high school and came to college. He was autistic. I recognized a lot of the names, especially the woman who comes to rent the most frequently.
I am in awe of how small life can be, or how much a person can pop up in your life, but you'll never really know them.
From this album, which seems to be of the inspirational Gospel variety, to how sweet the daughter is, I gather they are really nice people. And now I know they've been through something very trying. It's sad but also very amazing to see how different are lives really are.

That's all.

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