Hair has always been an issue for me, but I admit that short styles are undoubtedly my favorite. Sure, when its longer you can do more...but...well, I just like it simple.
Whenever I tell myself I'll be trying to grow my hair again...I never do.
I get irritated (right now actually) and contemplate another trim...or even a few inches.
I've always been partial to choppy bobs but the idea of a pixie really intrigued me.
I surprised myself last year by doing...well...this:

Though I definitely hated it at times, mostly because I'm insecure already, I loved the ease of it. I'm very "wash-and-go"...with everything. Less is more for me because they more I hassle over something (makeup, clothes, hair, etc.) the less I feel comfortable with it. Its when I am casual, cool, collected, and comfortable that I feel the best. Last minute outfit decisions, too much time spent with eyeliner...it all ends up bad for me.

Anyway, the hair did me well but it costs a lot of money (that I don't have, FYI) to keep up with a cut like that. So after a few months, I was already trying to grow it back. And I did. I got the cut in September and by the end of my winter break in January, I was able to make small ponytails and pigtails and such with my locks. I also dyed them temporarily black...and it was supposed to wash about 60-odd days ago.

The point of this post is, though I've been looking forward to feminine long locks once again...I'm getting frustrated. With the old fading color, with the growing out (my hair, though it does grow fast, often grows thicker before it grows longer, making it nearly impossible to tolerate, especially with the impending summer humidity)and with the impatience for it to stop being awkward.
I'm starting to contemplate chopping it all off once again.
Though I did have a hard time, some days, many people enjoyed it, and I, myself, loved the simplicity of it all. I washed it and I didn't even have to towel it dry. It was done in about 5 minutes, and it usually looked put together.
It also doesn't help that the likes of the gorgeous Karla from Karla's Closet is rocking an amazing 'do.

So...the question is...to cut, or not to cut?
No matter what, it will grow back.
And I will definitely be fixin' my locks back to their beautiful, natural brown...and I will avoid temptation to dye them again.

Photo from Karla's Closet

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