Happy Weekend!

On Wednesday, I attended my last class at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA ever. I still have a final to take on Monday and a project to finish up hopefully by then as well (though its due on May 8th) but I don't have to sit in a classroom listening to lectures or gathering anymore assignments for 50-75 minutes anymore.

Completely avoiding the nostalgia and bit of sadness I feel realizing this, I haven't had a strict schedule to follow since Wednesday. I have two full weeks of freedom. That means lots of time to hang out with friends, relax, and be rediculous at all hours of the day. Yesterday I woke up late (after an incredible night at a friend's apartment, where we stayed until 4 AM drinking, talking, and of course, laughing...hopefully I'll have a few pics to share soon)and the only thing I made a point to do was see Crank High Voltage.

Speaking of which, Jason Statham...you are quite a man and, in fact, the man. I have had plenty of celebrity crushes (Ranging from Seth Rogen to Zac Efron) and Jason Statham makes all of them seem like little wussies. I mean, after you look at someone like that...how can you settle for less?

I can't begin to explain that he's not really the type I tend to fall for...I used to love tall skinny brown-haired boys. I've noticed though, that my type is changing all the time. In the end, liking someone or finding them attractive...it's probably best to stay away from typecasting. Take the man in for whoever he is.

And in Jason Statham's case...its pure sex and masculinity...I think anyway...teehee.

Anyway, I am a lady who doesn't typically go for the explosion-filled, gun-slinging crap in every action film. But the Crank movies are worth checking out, and not just for his hotness. They're strange, out of control, and are solely based on adrenaline and electric charge that's all about running around and doing insanely strange and often hysterical things to stay alive. If you want a good action flick without all the computer talk and bullshit, go see these. I promise you won't regret it.

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