In keeping with my simple goals (I’m doing okay so far), I used my Canon a bit more than usual this weekend. I decided to play with my
50 mm lens, even though it’s a bit restricting. It made the challenge that much more challenging. These are some of the photos, and they represent some pieces of the weekend.


Some cute fox nail art I did for my sister. We were inspired by these.
Wine and my current book in bed on Friday night (I’m exciting!).
Cali getting super comfortable on Brad’s bedroom floor.
Wearing the headband Maria crocheted for me on a Sunday shopping trip with Brad.
A cute new planner for next year. I plan (haha) on keeping my posts organized in it!

And that’s some of what happened this weekend! It’s fun taking photos with my camera, even if it’s little simple things around the house.
That’s part of the challenge and fun anyway.

It’s Thanksgiving week! Yay! Here’s to a great start!

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