2012 Highlights: January–April

We are less than two weeks away from the year 2013. I can’t help but continuously ask myself where all the time goes! It’s crazy. I am looking through old posts at things I either completely forgot about or things that felt like they were last week, not the beginning of the year.
Now is the time to reflect on all that has happened, good and bad (but of course showcase the good, the best moments) of the year and look forward to all the things to come in the next one. So, I’ve decided to showcase  highlights in 3 separate posts focusing on 4 months a piece.


January always seems to be the fairly uneventful month of the year. Winter has really kicked in, you’re coming down from the holiday season (and the inevitable debt and catching up you need to do) and everything really calms down. In an attempt to probably tackle some New Year’s resolutions, I started to organize my room (I’m sad to say my dresser got completely ravaged again, but the rack is still up in use). I fell in love with the Keurig and with Lana Del Rey, both of which are still massive loves of my life. I also enjoyed a wine and cheese night with my friend Jenna (even though we enjoyed a bit too much wine) and some lovely date nights with Brad. Finally, we hit up the annual car show in Philadelphia at the end of the month, and enjoyed some great food and beer at the Prohibition Taproom.




Being the shortest month of the year, February was a simple month. The major highlight was my first ever trip to Boston (we’re supposed to be going again soon, I think) to surprise Brad’s brother for his birthday! I had so much fun…it’s a beautiful city and the surprise went off without a hitch. Great time! I also enjoyed a romantic home-cooked Valentine’s/Anniversary dinner with my boy.
Oh yeah, and I bought my Kindle Fire!



March was probably the beginning of my nail art obsession. I always had fun painting my nails, but I started to do CutePolish designs, starting with galaxy nails, which might still be my favorite. Dinner Last Night became a regular feature on the blog, and I still continue to make meals and try new recipes every Thursday night. Brad and I tried a couple of great brunch/lunch spots, and I fell in love with
Canteen 900. I also got into the Hunger Games that month, and saw the movie in IMAX. I own it on DVD now and have seen it about 4 times.
I also took a little hiatus due to lack of inspiration.



April was a mess of spring celebration and spending time with friends. My time with Jenna was numbered, since I found out she was moving to California in May. We spent a lot of weekends at Rodano’s or at Brad’s drinking and eating snacks and hanging out. We also got to enjoy some beautiful weather, a bit of a heat wave came coincidentally on a day Brad and I both had asked off for weeks in advance.
It was a simple, fun month.



And that’s the first 1/3rd of the past year!
It’s always fun to look back on good times.
Next week, I’ll share the summer!

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