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I adored This is Where I Leave You so much, I knew that I wanted to make my way through the rest of Jonathan Tropper’s works.
However, when you read a great book, it’s hard not to get high expectations for the writer and their work.
Lucky for me, Everything Changes cemented that I will be reading every book Tropper’s written.
Not necessarily in a row, but definitely in the foreseeable future.

This is only my second Tropper book, but I noticed similarities between the two I’ve read. Both are narrated by and centered on men who are experiencing some kind of shift in their life, whether it’s already happened and they are clawing there way back (TIWILY) or it’s just about to hit you, whether you’re aware or not, as with Everything Changes.

In this novel, Zack King’s life is seemingly settled.
Beautiful fiancée, stable job, wonderful apartment that he shares with his rich friend (rent-free, Upper West Side, all the latest tech gadgets).
For him, it’s too good to be true and, with that fearful realization, comes the appearance of blood in his urine. This causes him to worry about his health, the possibility of cancer or death, and obviously his future. He starts to question his job, his impending nuptials, and the complicated feelings he suppresses for his dead friend’s wife. To add icing to the messy cake that’s been created, Zack’s deadbeat father, whom Zack has written off since he evaporated out of his family’s life (mom and two brothers), appears on his doorstep eager to step back into his life.

In my opinion, Tropper follows an un-formulaic formula.
You might think you know what’s going to happen, but he will keep you guessing, keep surprising you, have you laughing at loud.
I adore his sense of humor, the down to earth narrating, the personal relationships you feel with the characters.
It’s hard not to love or hate the people he introduces us to, depending on what he wants you to feel.

Jonathan Tropper has definitely made it onto my Favorite Authors list.
I would recommend any book he writes (even though I haven’t read them all)…I can’t wait for the others!

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