Dinner Last Night: Sausage, White Bean, and Kale Soup


It’s that time of year…for cold and flu season. I work around a lot of people, so I run the risk of getting a cold.
My poor boyfriend is recuperating from one, and lots of people around me are droppin’ like flies.
I wasn’t feeling all that great yesterday, either.

So I decided, cold day, cold season…why not make some soup?

I saw The Curvy Carrot’s recipe for Kale and White Bean soup on Pinterest, but I decided to add some ground sausage to it.
Cooking has been a real adventure for me. Especially when I’m eyeballing and tweaking recipes to make them my own.
But this is some great soup (I didn’t use the heavy cream), and I would make it again in a heartbeat.


Besides, it’s hard to go wrong when this lovely triumvirate is in the recipe. And garlic, of course.


It’s Friday! Yay! I’m glad to have a weekend off, though I’m sure I’ll be surrounding myself with all the bits and pieces I’ve acquired to make some Christmas presents. The goal, as always, is to spend little to no money this weekend. Unfortunately, I know I’ll have to spend some, but it’ll be for Christmas presents, and I like getting presents for people! I’d do it all the time if I had the means.

Have a great weekend!

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