This Weekend

This weekend (and I know I say this a lot but I really mean it this time) went by scary fast. Didn’t I just get out of work on Friday? And now I’m back to the grind. Oy. I haven’t had a massive case of Sunday Night Blues in a while, but it hit me hard. It was a crazy weekend. Brad spent most of Saturday working. He woke up around 7 and I didn’t see him until maybe 2 or 3. I had some nice alone time…sleeping in, coffee and cupcakes, and a walk to the library. But I was lonely. And then I fell asleep for a couple of hours and was totally out of it for the rest of the night. Sunday went just as fast. Brad caught up on sleep (and to be honest, I was still zonked…hope I’m not getting sick!), and then we headed to my aunt/Mam Mam’s for a Christmas gathering, did some Christmas shopping (I’m getting a lot more done than I realize…but there’s still some crafting to do…and by some, I mean all), and watched TV the rest of the night.

Here are some photos from my iPhone.





Can’t get enough of Artie sleeping.
Cute Christmas cookies at the grocery store.
Dorky photo of Brad and I at my aunt’s house.
Oh, Christmas tree.
My favorite snack, again.

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