A Surprise

Growing up, we didn’t have or attend many (or any) surprise parties. It’s been a fairly new addition to my life.
I love the everything about a surprise. It can raise some anxiety for me, but it’s fun to sneak and plan and eventually change someone’s day from one plan to another. About a month and a half ago, my friend Nicole’s boyfriend (Ed) DMed Brad and I on Twitter to see if we would be willing and able to attend a dinner in Philadelphia on December 15th to celebrate Nicole’s birthday. It was early enough to make that the only plan we would have on the date. So we knew it was coming, but we had some waiting and planning to do.

Finally, the day arrived! Brad, my sister, her boyfriend, and I got in the car and headed to Philly to meet up at El Cantino Real, which was an awesome Tex-Mex restaurant. Since it was a large group of us, we enjoyed so many appetizers from a pre-fixe menu (nachos, fried pickles, veggie wing bites) along with some tasty entrees (I had the brisket tacos…so good!).
Watching Nicole and her boyfriend walk up to the tables and register that we were there was the best part…seeing her face go from confused to shocked to just plain happy…that’s why I love surprises! I know they don’t always work out, but this one was a success.
I just wish we had more time to hang out. I really need to get to Philly more.

I was all excited to share some photos I took with you. I brought my Canon Rebel specifically to take some nice photos I could play around with and edit and share here on the blog. Instead of transferring the photos over from my SDHD card, though, I accidentally highlighted every photo and DELETED them instead of copying and pasting or transferring. Because they were never actually on the computer, they completely disappeared. I tried to undo it, but no luck. I’m so bummed.

Because I had no intention of using anything but my Canon photos, I barely took any on my phone, and I’m so bummed I can’t share the little memories I have of the night with anything but words. Here’s a photo of the beer Maria and I chose to drink…


Oh man, just looking at this makes me sad of all the neat pictures I took of the restaurant. I didn’t even look at them before transferring!

Guess it just wasn’t my week/weekend in terms of little bad luck moments.




Also, I just wanted to post here that I am continuing to pray for and mourn the loss of those involved in the horrible and devastating attack in Connecticut this past Friday. 
I really hope that we can open our eyes to the terror of violence and the confusion of mental health so that things like this can be prevented and altogether avoided.
“Until then, we’ll just have to muddle through somehow.”

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