Crafty Moments: Baked Sharpie Mug


I have this thing where I automatically assume I’m going to be bad at something and avoid doing it. It’s really silly.
Here’s an example: I used to hate going bowling because, every time I went bowling, I would end up throwing gutter balls left and right. I found it very discouraging and decided it would be better if I just didn’t do it at all. But I got sick of sitting on the sidelines or feeling sorry for myself, and asked for a little help. The problem was me. Not my bowling skills per se, but my mentality. If I think I suck, I suck.
Like with anything else. Think on the negative side, and you’ll feel negative.
I realized I had to take my time if I wanted to get better at the game. I’d have to pick the right ball, take aim, and take my time. I’m not saying I never get gutter balls anymore (I most definitely still do), but I have broken 100 a few times, had a fair share of strikes, and now the only reason I’d turn down a night of bowling is if I already have plans. It’s just too much fun.

The reason I’m telling this story is because I’ve always felt that my sister got the crafty genes and I didn’t.
It’s 100% true true TRUE that my sister is amazingly creative. She taught herself to knit/crochet using YouTube videos, she’s always been an excellent drawer/painter, and she just has a hands-on mentality. But thanks to some of my favorite blogs and Pinterest, I realized I wanted to be crafty too! It’s fun to be hands-on, to get a little messy, and to take something simple and turn it into something special.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year or just the fact that so many amazing crafts catch my eye on the interweb, but last week I went to
Hobby Lobby (a store recently opened a little while away) and found myself wanting to try so many different projects. I grabbed a couple of things I will try and use in the near future (and hopefully they will turn out well!), but I decided to settle on a simple project to start, an idea I got from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, who’s directions I also followed.


I’m not going to lie, my mug didn’t turn out too successful. This was the before. Perhaps my first mistake was not using actual Sharpie brand markers. Regardless, these are still permanent markers. And I know this because I got the blanket I was working on dirty and it didn’t want to come out, haha. I didn’t realize it didn’t work to my advantage until after I had already baked the mug and went to wash any residue off of it.

Still, here’s what I did.


I made this mug for Brad, so I took a lyric from a song he once played for me to make it special.
Then I played around with some trim and design.


Even though it ended up rubbing off a bit, I still loved making this project, and Brad liked it too! So bonus!
Still, I would love to make something and actually have it last. So next time, I’ll either try some strong Sharpies, or I might go ahead and buy the special markers. Still, I have a few other projects in mind. I just wanted to share my little attempt.

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