November Photo a Day Challenge Completed!

Holy Moly! It’s December, everybody! In just a bit over 20 days, some of us will be celebrating Christmas! The holidays are upon us officially!
To top it off, when the month ends, 2012 goes with it! How crazy is that?
Anyway, it’s time to share my second to last Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day challenge of this year!

Here’s the list:


And here are my photos!
(You can totally see when I purchased and fell in love with the Afterglow app, haha)


1. My night to cook, which is something that starts to C.
2. Plenty of colors in this store-brand Lucky Charms-type cereal.
3. Breakfast of champions at work: Coffee and a string cheese.
4. TV and a snack before bed.
5. 5 o’ clock means I’m finally home from work and I can relax.
6. Hello Kitty is a favorite thing of mine.
7. My reflection x3.
8. Hitting the snooze on my phone is something I do everyday and it can be very problematic.
9. My not-so-small personal pizza at Arena Bar and Grill.
10. I won’t live without laughter, which is something Brad has me doing from the moment I wake up.
11. Night falling as I drive on the Cross Valley Expressway.
12. Coffee is my drink of choice in the morning.
13. The half of the week I spend at home, so that’s where I slept.
14. I watched this man-made building go from a hole in the ground to a beautiful new home over the last several months.
15. These are some of the things I keep in my bag (purse). The book is always changing.
16. The view from my window is a slightly creepy old shack and lots of trees.
17. Flavored coffee creamers were the last thing I bought when I took this photo. Both are tasty!
18. Seeing Breaking Dawn Pt 2 was my happened this weekend photo.
19. The sunsets that occur as winter approaches are something awesome.
20. My feet at work/play. Play on weekdays is just chilling on the computer and chatting with my sister.
21. Little Miss Matched socks are what I wore this day.
22. Very grateful for my family, the holidays, a roof over my head, and the food on the table.
23. Black detail on a sheer orange blouse.
24. When Brad bought his iPad, a sound I heard was him cursing and grunting as he set it up.
25. A pretty sky at Skytop when we went zip lining!
26. Just your basics in the cupboard. Oatmeal, sugar, flour, etc….
27. The roots and trunk of a tree in the neighborhood.
28. My trusty(ish) ‘93 Buick Century, the only vehicle I call mine.
29. My big puffy coat might not be flattering, but it’s so warm and cozy!
30. My mom and I painted these stripes on the wall back during my first winter break from college in 2005/2006.
It’s a great memory of mine and a proud moment for both of us. Still looks good!

Can’t wait to share this month’s with you…which will be in 2013! Wow.

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