This past Saturday, I had a lovely evening with my dad, sister, Josh, and Brad at the Berwick Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest. It is not comparable by any means to the massive Oktoberfest that just occurred at the casino a couple of weeks ago…but it was so much fun.

My dad works in Berwick, and that’s how I got familiar with Berwick Brewing Company. They make and serve all their own beers. To top it off, they also make amazing pizza. We split 3 pies of Curd and Jäger (as in landjäger sausage) pizza, and it was to die for. Mmm.
The beer was great, too! I think it’s important to drink locally and explore what your area has to offer.
Just like with my love for Stegmaier (Hello, Lionshead and Pumpkin Ale!).


The best part was sitting in the biergarten with people I love so much, my family and my man.
It was a beautiful fall evening, with great food, beer, and jazzy music.

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