Weekend via Afterglow


I am such a sucker for iPhone photography apps. I’ve been seeing a lot of Afterglow hashtags on Instagram, and I finally caved (it hasn’t been out that long, so I guess I didn’t really wait that long) and downloaded it this past weekend. It reminds me of VSCO Cam, but there are more filters and frame designs. I love both apps. They are so great because, unlike Instagram’s small list of filters, you can really edit your iPhone photos. Things like contrast, highlights, shadows, sharpness, etc. Very cool. I get upset with myself regularly that I have a love DSLR sitting in a camera bag, wanting to be used. But it’s hard when everything is right at my finger tips on one tiny, pocket-able device.


I had a lovely, simple, sweet weekend. I’m still enjoying a day off (with much appreciation and thanks to the troops, past and present, who have protected and defended our country and we can be eternally grateful for that). But we all know Saturday and Sunday are where it’s at.

The goal lately is to spend as little money as possible. Things have been very tight lately, so I have to find my fun for super cheap or, even better, free. Which is what lead me to the library on Saturday. This is a place I need to utilize more. It bums me out to no end, because I love building my own library, whether it be with paper or on my Kindle. But there are a lot of new books I’d like to read but I just can’t afford right now. The library will simply have to do.


This is an example of what the Afterglow app can do that some others can’t. I have a love/hate relationship with these frames. I kind of wish they weren’t only in white. But then again, you can’t really tell her on the site! I could walk around the library all day.



Backtracking a bit to Friday, Brad and I enjoyed a quick bite at Arena Bar and Grille, and then met up with his cousin (the newlyweds!) for a couple of drinks, which lead to card games back at Brad’s. Super fun, but I was wiped out.

So thank God for lazy Saturdays!
We ate leftovers, went to the library, Brad’s mom made us a super delicious stromboli, I watched a beautiful film, and painted before bed.


Then Sunday. A day for cups of coffee, cleaning the house (the boys did such a good job…and I kinda helped?), watching too much TV, and making killer sandwiches that keep you stuffed for the rest of the day.




I also went ahead and tried a Broadway (done the Rachael Ray way, black cherry soda and lager), which is pretty good.

So, I might not have gone crazy, have weird stories to tell, or did anything out of the ordinary.
But I had a perfectly peaceful weekend and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

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