October Photo a Day Challenge Completed

Wow. Happy November 1st everyone! There are two months left of 2012. And less than two months until Christmas. Wowza, guys.
I’m hoping November will be a bit more laid back than the past month. No more weddings to attend, back to a normal Saturday schedule, a couple of holidays off of work, and the Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 comes out….(I’m getting super excited for that.)

Anyway, with the beginning of the new month comes the end of the last. I want to share my month in photos as I usually do, thanks to
Fat Mum Slim’s awesome challenge list.



1. Stood by some fallen leaves during a walk.
2. Took a drive in the rain during my lunchtime.
3. A french toast cafe latte happened that day. Delicious.
4. Never Let Me Go is what I read that week.
5. The mums and sunshine created a pretty shadow.
6. I’m thankful for the opportunity to take part in Barry family events, such as this beautiful wedding.
7. Street light.
8. Relaxing on an angle.
9. Red socks all day long.
10. A common emotion for me, anxiety and nervousness.
11. A bit of the mess I make when I paint my nails shot close up.
12. Yummy lunch on the table.
13. Lake Seneca vineyard landscape.
14. The comedian Jim Gaffigan always makes me laugh.
15. All these veggies made for a tasty stir fry at dinnertime.
16. My blog posts are something I write.
17. Apples are a tasty fruit, so I sliced up two as a snack.
18. Free coffee from a coworker made me smile.
19. Letters like this happen sometimes when you dog sit a rascal. |
20. At 4 o’clock I was napping in this bed.
21. Reading and snacking on candy made for a calm Sunday evening.
22. So glad I got to see tons of beautiful fall foliage in my town (it’s mostly gone now).
23. Work is my view pretty much everyday. Bleh.
24. The weather is so weird in NEPA in the fall. Rainy morning, sunny afternoon.
25. People waiting to eat at La Tolteca.
26. Been listening to the New Moon soundtrack a lot lately. It’s one of the best compilations for fall.
27. Getting ready for a wedding in the morning.
28. Looking back on last year’s costume, especially my back!
29. A silly photo Brad Photoshopped of me jumping on the moon.
30. Clothes set out for my makeshift Halloween costume…

and finally…whatever I please…the Halloween costume I wore for work!


I was a newsboy (Newsies-style) from the 20s. It was Brad’s idea, also inspired by my friend Mike, and I had all the stuff for it already!
I actually won for Most Original at work. So that was exciting.

I hope y’all had an awesome, safe Halloween! I’ll still be celebrating, and breaking out the ol’ black swan, this weekend.

Also, wishing and hoping and praying for the best for everyone who experienced Hurricane Sandy. My family experienced nearly 24 hours of power outage, and the winds and rains were terrible here. Some people I know are still without power. But nothing compares to NJ and NY, and I am praying everyone recovers as fast as possible.

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