A Look Inside My Nail Polish Addiction: Nail Art and Inspiration

My love of nail polish has been made quite obvious at this point. I am perfectly content adding to my stash with the release of new collections and pretty colors from all different brands. Who doesn’t love a nice, fresh, glossy coat of a new polish?
But one of the main reasons I love nail polish and painting my nails in general is the creative expression that comes from dabbling in nail art.

I think it’s so easy to write off trying nail art on your own nails. But DON’T! Even the rockiest of hands can attempt some form of nail art, thanks to the internet. There are lots of great ways to learn, step-by-step, how to turn your nails into mini works of art.

My favorites?
Little – Nailsan awesome blog that focuses on different polishes and dabbles in lots of nail art. There are tutorials and swatch reviews, and of course, she has short nails! I do, too, so it’s encouraging to see someone working with a similar “palette”, I guess you could say.

The Beauty Department
– This website is great for any beauty needs, but they do great step-by-step photos to show you new and inventive ways to do your nails. They get crafty, using stickers, tape, and even string incorporated into their manicures, which sounds intimidating but is made effortless.

Lulu’s BlogHere’s another cool site that explores many beauty/fashion tips, but the mani tips are great. Original and fun!

One Nail To Rule Them AllAlice’s nail art is ridiculously good! She also keeps fairly short nails, but she’s done such amazing things with them. Being the bookworm I am, I especially love this manicure.

Pinterest – Doy! I can find all kinds of wonderful nail art from all over and from all the people I follow and share what I like with others.

And last but not least…
CutePolish !
is probably my favorite nail art space. Every Sunday, a new video is uploaded. She’s covered everything from leopard print to Gangnam Style and she makes everything easy! I have used her methods many times. She makes nail art simple and always walks the viewer through each and every step, showing you along the way, and even she goofs up sometimes (and shows you how to fix it!).
I had to save the best for last.

I wanted to share some of my favorite nail art moments that I’ve tried as well!
You’ll recognize a lot from the sites above. But you’ll also see my own twists on them.
I’m not saying they are always perfect, but the site has made them incredibly easy, and I’m quite proud.


Fruity nails are so fun! I based the watermelons off of pictures I’d seen on the internet, and got the apples from CutePolish!


Braided nails are another CutePolish design. The triangular mani was done using tape and a striper, and I spotted a similar design on Pinterest.


The above designs were done on a whim. Just some random stripes, dots, and crossover colors I tried.


I love mixed manicures. It was fun doing the cute, creepy Halloween creatures! And I also loved the loud mix of stripes and flowers.
The rose pattern is from CutePolish.


Cloud manicures are super fun. Nailside does a great tutorial. The splatter nails were inspired by Lulu’s blog.


Galaxy nails are one of my favorites ever, and it was my first CutePolish design! The rainbows came from Pinterest.
So happy, right?

I should also give a shout out to one of my other favorite blogs…The Polishaholic!
If there’s a polish you want, but aren’t sure what it’s going to look like, you will find the swatch there.
You’ll also learn about polish brands you might not know about.
She has an extensive collection, and it’s cataloged on a spreadsheet. Amazing.

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