The Weekend


Happy Monday (she said with utter sarcasm and disgust)!
How was your weekend? How was your Daylight Savings Time?
I almost went crazy. I love lazy Sundays, and we only gained 1 hour, but it felt like we gained a whole week.

I did a bit of belated Halloween celebration. It was fun (but cold) breaking out my Black Swan gear again. I did my makeup by memory, and it wasn’t too shabby. I love getting into costume, but it’s also lots of fun admiring other peoples costumes! So that was fun as well.
And, of course, I did the usual lazing about with a hint of craftiness. I bought a few more supplies at Michaels, which lead to me making the very simple flower pot necklace you see at the top left. And I did a tiny thought bubble painting.
Not my favorite, but it was time-consuming and fun all the same.

Working on Saturday is frustrating, but once 1 PM hits and I’m free and aware that I won’t have to work that shift for 2 weeks.
And I have a 3 day weekend coming up this time! All good things.

Here’s to a great week, hoping the best for all those recovering from Sandy (especially those who have to rebuild from the bottom, who still don’t have power, who can’t get gas…I’m praying for everyone), and no stress!

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