My List of Must-See Shows

Winter is coming oh so quickly. The weather is positively chilly here, and it makes you want to cuddle in a blanket and watch hours upon hours of mindless TV. But why watch crappy TV when Netflix and Hulu provide so many awesome options? I decided to list my top 5 favorite TV shows here, ones that I highly and consistently recommend, and, lucky for you, they are ALL available for streaming on these sites.
You have no reason not to watch them now.


How I Met Your Mother

For whatever reason, I didn’t start watching this show until about 4 seasons in. This is weird because my obsession with Jason Segel is widely acknowledged and borderline creepy. But really, I didn’t have any friends who watched it, and therefore there was no pull. Finally, I caved and started renting the discs from Netflix (this was a couple of years ago, now there are 6 seasons streaming on the site) and instantly fell in love. Yes, there’s a laugh track. But it’s filled with so much heart and chemistry within the group and the jokes make me laugh for days.
It’s by no means deep, but it’s a wonderful, fun show that will keep you occupied for hours.



Who doesn’t know about Lost? Seriously. Words can’t explain it. I don’t even bother trying. But I really loved this show. I still do. I think it’s worth experiencing, even just the first season. I know a lot of people complained about the craziness of the show, of the ambiguous ending. But I am not one of those people. I believe the show has, from the beginning, been about human nature, faith, fate, destiny, and how we respond to extreme circumstances. The sci-fi/fantasy/crazy aspects are icing on the cake. But the stories about the characters’ pasts, their relationships, their grudges…that’s what it’s all about and it does it so well.


Parks and Recreation

This show is fantastic. If you like(d) The Office, you will LOVE this. While they have the same show set-up, they aren’t similar. Every character is inspiring and hysterical in their own way. It has made me cry more times than I’d like to admit. There’s always some amazing moment in which I smile so hard my cheeks hurt. It’s such a positive show, and Leslie Knope is the greatest TV heroine of all time.



This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. Action-packed, hysterical, emotional…it has it all. If there’s one show I could recommend to anyone, it would be this. I haven’t met a single person who I’ve recommended it to who hasn’t fallen hard for it. You can catch it on Hulu. And I highly recommend you do. Please. That’s all I’ll say.


Freaks and Geeks

This show only lasted 18 episodes, which was a huge mistake on NBC’s part. So many familiar faces. (Yes, that’s a super adorable young Jason Segel…melts my heart every time) This show is just so well done. I hate that it ended so soon, but I’m kinda glad it did.
There was no time for it to go down a bad path. Every episode is gold.

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