I talked about the Afterglow app a couple of times in the past. My obsession has only grown stronger.
I love iPhone photography apps, but I have a bunch already (Hipstamatic, Instagram, PictureShow, Camera+, VSCO Cam..) so, if you’re gonna make me want to download your app (especially one that you have to pay for…even if it’s only .99!), you better have something special.

As a big Instagram-er, I started to notice a lot of circular photos popping up on my feed. My sister told me that the app Diptic, which allows you to combine a bunch of pictures together in a variety of frames, also had this option. (Hipstamatic’s limited freepak made for the movie Gangster Squad also has a film that does this) But I kept seeing the hashtag Afterglow, so I couldn’t resist.

It’s such a great app. You can edit all kinds of details. Contrast, brightness, exposure, color, vignettes, light leaks, filters, cropping.
You name it, it’s probably on there.
But they also have the frames. And yes, the circle is probably the most popular, but there are a variety and they keep growing.
I didn’t like it at first, or I wasn’t sure, but now I’m in deep. So I thought I’d share my life lately, seen through Afterglow frames.





1. Circle – A glass of wine, sweats, and comfy slippers, watching Ruby Sparks
2. Curved Square – I like to call this picture “Heartie” because the way Artie’s legs/paws form a heart shape. So cute.
3. Triangle (There’s also an upside down triangle, I settled on this one) – Slouchy socks and booties
4. Diamond – A snack of Pink Lady apple slices and sharp cheddar while watching Moonrise Kingdom
5. Oval – A cute, cuddly miniature poodle named Suzie.

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