Dinner Last Night: “Thunder a la Vodka”


Money is so tight these days. It’s not just me, I know this, but it’s still very upsetting and difficult all the same.
Despite that, I’ve been trying to keep up with my weekly dinners. The main reason I love doing these dinners? I like teaching myself, trying new things, and keeping the menu at home interesting. I live at home with my family, and we tend to get stuck in ruts eating the same old things. I like to bring different ingredients into the house.
And before I started doing this, I would only ever cook grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese omelets.
I have faith in myself when I finally grow up. Whenever that is?

Back to the money situation, I had to come up with a dinner solution that wasn’t going to break the bank. Enter PASTA. It was 1$ for a box of fettuccine. I’m sorry, but during these tough times, I am thanking the Lord pasta exists. Still, it can get a little boring. Enter Brad! He taught me about his special pasta trick, Thunder a la Vodka. Basically, it’s a mixture of vodka sauce and alfredo sauce. Delicious as is.
But I didn’t just want a plate of pasta. So I bought some Italian sausage and whipped up my special green beans.
One tasty dinner indeed.


This has been a very strange week. Sandy, Halloween, a new month.
I’m ready for the weekend.
I have work, but I’ll be enjoying my usual arts and crafts.
I’m also bringing back the Black Swan for a belated Halloween party with friends.
Can’t go wrong!


Have an excellent weekend!

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