Monday Montage

Unlike most people I know, I wasn’t given a Thanksgiving break (aka Black Friday off). But I did have the whole weekend free and a bunch of PTO stocked up, so I decided to take a belated break and asked for yesterday and today off. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. It started with a surprise party for Brad’s cousin, Christmas shopping, zip lining, and cuddling with Brad, and is ending with so much lounging in PJs, zoning in front of the TV and reading my current book. It is just what the doctor ordered. If only I could relax like this more often!

Brad asked for Monday and Tuesday off like me, but ended up having to do some work today.
So yesterday was our completely work-free workday.
In honor of that, here are some photos I took of our little day of R&R.


Brad and I spent a lot of time in PJ pants and our super comfy socks from Old Navy.
Cali all sleepy, guarding the top of the stairs.
We had dinner at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning. Brad made pork chops and apples. So good. And why not eat late? It’s vacation!
The only time we got out was to take a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. Foliage is basically gone, except for some headstrong leaves.
Christmas decorations popping up!
Dairy Queen is closed. No need for ice cream when it starts to get icy!

I’m in a totally happy place.
Usually I’d be completely bummed about going back to work, but I feel so renewed and refreshed, I’m ready.
Plus, it’s a short week. Not too shabby!

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