Crafty Moments: Decorating Canvas Bags


Easiest craft project ever? Decorating canvas bags!!!
I don’t think you can own too many canvas bags. Bring ‘em to the store instead of using plastic bags, throw your craft accessories in them if you’re traveling (I do this between my house and Brad’s), carry your books, or use it as a purse! If you need to carry something somewhere, you can use a canvas bag. And the possibilities of personalizing a canvas bag are endless.

I’m looking forward to dyeing, painting, and possible even waxing some canvas bags in the future.

For now, I settled on some Tulip Fabric Markers and some of my favorite lyrics.
Very simple, but I like it all the same.


I also did a little bunting flag bag. The flags are on both sides.
Love the colors.

It’s fun to create things!

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