Outfit: Blue on Blue


I wore this outfit last week for a night of tacos, mulled wine, and pumpkin carving. (Pretty awesome night, if you ask me.)
Full-on denim was another one of those fashion faux pas controversies that became popular/acceptable as of late. I think we just need to accept the fact that THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION/RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN.


I wouldn’t wear the same shades of denim, so I guess that is following a rule of sorts. I’m not into the “redneck tuxedo” look, but some people can pull it off, maybe? Not me. This is a great, cozy outfit for a fall evening.  I bought this large denim shirt last year in the men’s section of Salvation Army. I love it. I feel like an artist or something when I wear it. Like I stole my dad’s old work shirt (or someone else’s dad…but paid for it) and decided to use it for all my creative and fashion-friendly endeavors. Another fashion “rule” to break…shop outside your gender. Even when I’m not out thrifting, I scan the men’s section for v-necks and cozy sweaters. I’m all about unisex.


Shirt – Thrifted/Denim Leggings – PacSun (Bullhead)/Belt – Forever 21/Necklace – Claire’s/Boots – Chinese Laundry

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