“Weekend Update”

When I work Saturdays, the weekends are even shorter and sweeter than usual. It’s important to not let lost time bring me down. The highlight of the weekend came with Brad’s aunt’s birthday party. Did you know it was the first surprise party I’ve ever been to? It was Margaritaville/5 o’ clock Somewhere/Jimmy Buffett themed, so Hawaiian prints were necessary.
Can I just say how much I love theme parties? Apparently, we will be attending a 1950s themed party next weekend, and I have tons of theme ideas for when I have my own place to throw parties. Parties are already great, but making people dress up/down is that much more fun.



Also…cake pops are pretty much the bomb (I went there).


The reason this week will be a good one? It’s only 4 days! That’s right, I have a long weekend straight ahead. And it’s one of the best kinds, because I have Friday off (Fridays are an hour longer where I work…bleh). So, even if it’s a rough week in general, I have that to look forward to. Brad even asked for the day off. We are both getting haircuts and enjoying some time to ourselves.

Here’s to a great week, gang!

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