A Weekend to (Barely) Remember…

Halloween is today, but I had to celebrate this past weekend, as “real life” takes over on Mondays. It was an excellent weekend. I dressed up both Friday and Saturday, but Saturday was the less awkward of the two. More people in costume. Yay!
Not that I cared…I loved being in costume and I wish I could do it more often. Who doesn’t like to play dress up?


Top photo taken by Robert E. Hanlon at Rodano’s.

I didn’t bring my camera and had to rely on my iPhone. But we were too busy having fun to take many photos anyways.
But let’s not forget the craziest part of the weekend, the snow. We spent most of Saturday watching the flakes fall in our pajamas until we were ready to go out. I didn’t really appreciate the cold, wintery weather (especially in terms of my costume), but it was nice to stay cozy and warm indoors and watch the huge flakes fall (I think we got about 6 inches?).


Hope everyone had an excellent weekend. Here’s to a great week! And, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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