Some Things I Love Right Now…

Guys, it’s freaking NOVEMBER! We are in the 11th month of 2011. Halloween is over. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I’m in complete disbelief. Time truly is flying. Luckily, life has been pretty great as of late. And I always feel it’s important to put the positive things into perspective and make a list of happy, lovely things (as so many of us bloggers love to do).


Just got done spending a week in domestic bliss with my boyfriend…hope for the future!
Yummy hot coffee to warm myself up on a chilly day
Shows that have me laughing out loud (see here and here and here and here)
Little treats (like necklaces and “fun money”) from my mom…I’ll never grow up at this rate
Mexican food and Margaritas on a Monday night
Watching my circle of friends grow and change
Planning my next nail painting adventure for Thursday (Desperate for some Muppets colors from OPI!)
My Halloween costume, which Brad made 10x better with this photo shoot he did of me
Cozy naps, which have been happening a lot lately
Getting the month’s new magazine issues (and the occasional package) in the mail

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