OPI Obsession


Until recently, it had been years since I painted my finger nails. I’d occasionally paint my toenails in the summer, but that was it. This year, I fell in love with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, and it expanded my horizons. It’s become my favorite weekly wind-down activity to paint my nails. I especially like to try different designs and color combos. But, it’s also become a bit of an obsession/addiction…and a slightly costly one at that. I love Sally Hansen and Wet N’ Wild nail polishes…they are cheap and come in an amazing amount of colors. HOWEVER…I am sort of in love with OPI polishes. Sure, there are more expensive polishes on the market, but 8.50 a pop can run up a rather large bill.


It also doesn’t help that OPI does special collections. I have been freaking out trying to find the Muppets Collection polishes, specifically Rainbow Connection. I was lucky enough to find one of two bottles left at Ulta.


I may have shrieked with glee when I left the store.

Colors I’m currently wearing: Jade is the New Black + Rainbow Connection

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