Not only is it Friday, it’s also Veteran’s Day and 11/11/11. This is kind of a whole lot of excellent going on.
Today is sort of like my Saturday. And I still have 3 more days off. Needless to say, I’m going to lose track of the days very quickly.
But I have another 4 day week next week. That’s good news, y’all.
Here are some pictures of little things from the past week…



007This eerie sky happened during an otherwise pitch black rainstorm. I was driving and just HAD to pull over to take a picture. It was coincidental that I ended up in a graveyard to really add to the creepiness. Plus, Florence + the Machine was blasting in my car. I’d call that serendipity.





No, I didn’t really dye my hair blue. I found this old hair spray stuff from last Halloween and finally decided to try it. I love that it actually worked on my brown hair! I want to buy cans of different colors and put streaks in my hair randomly.

Here’s to an excellent weekend for all!
And a special thanks to all those who have served/are serving our country. Thank you so much for protecting our freedom, keeping us safe, and being braver than I ever could. (Special shout out to one of my best friends, Ed, who is currently in the Air Force. MISS YOU!)


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