Outfit: Make Over Your Monday


I had the Monday-est Monday ever today. As in, I was exhausted when I woke up because I had bad dreams all night. As in, I woke up later than I wanted to. As in, I was almost an hour late to work because I locked my keys in the car and eventually needed Brad to go out of his way to drop me off and have my sister bring me the spare keys. As in, nothing really went my way.

Brad and his housemate Lou have been planning to go to Doc’s Oyster House for their Buck a Shuck deal for about a week now. I’m allergic to shellfish, but I went along for the ride (and had some pretty tasty nachos and a beer to ease my woes) anyway. Since we were going out, I was desperate to deck myself out a little and pick up my spirits. Basically, completely make over my Monday from an exhausting and frustrating day to a fun, easygoing, happy day!

I’ve been hankering to try this little shirt-skirt tactic ever since my sister did it months ago. I finally purchased a large-enough shirt from the Salvation Army with a fun and colorful print that could really go with any color top. After looking up the perfect approach, this shirt was also  (like my Monday) made over into a skirt! I love how effortless this is, and how you can completely change one item of clothing into another within seconds. Might I just add that it was incredibly comfortable, as well?


Tee – Old Navy/Shirt_Skirt – Salvation Army/Locket – Flea Market/Booties – Payless


If any of you have large, over-sized shirts (steal one from your dad/brother/boyfriend/husband too!), I highly suggest you try this!

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