This Past Weekend…

I am so sad to say that the weekend is already over. But we are getting close to Halloween, which I am so excited for, and my first weekend off in a couple of weeks. All good things! This past weekend had me all over the place. Friday was the viewing party for Crystal and Alex’s engagement photos. We had a nice little cocktail party set up (I even gave a toast) and am so excited that they enjoy them.
I will be sharing them with you later this week! I spent the rest of the weekend figuring out/decorating my Halloween costume. I am very very pleased with how it is turning out and I am anxious to share the final product with you guys.
This is the most effort and DIY-ness I’ve ever done with anything…like, ever. But I am so pleased.

Here are some fun photos from the weekend!!!!



Here’s to an excellent week, leading up to an AMAZING HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! I hope y’all have your outfits planned.

P.S. Expect some doublin’ up on posts. There are lots of things to showcase this week!

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