A Love Letter…to the Keurig

I will be the first person to admit that I am far from adulthood. I have a 9-5 full-time job, health insurance, my own car, and loans and bills to pay. However, I own a heck of a lot of Hello Kitty paraphernalia, sleep with a stuffed Elephant when I’m not with Brad, read and re-read the Twilight Saga (and watch the movies), and, if I had to live on my own (because I don’t, I live at home with my parents), I’d survive solely on grilled cheese sandwiches and sugary cereals. I usually have to remind myself that I’m in my 20s. I’m still in a pubescent, awkward, teenage state of mine (though I am convinced that you don’t really grow out of it for quite some time…).

It may seem strange, but I always associated coffee with adults. The thing is, this caffeinated beverage fueled  “olda folk”  as they headed to their day-to-day life and the usual grind. I sat and watched my family drink coffee and thought it smelled bitter. I often wished I had
over-milked and over-sugared tea. But as you grow, so does your taste palate.

Over the few adult years I’ve had, I’ve learned a lot of lessons about taste and appetite. You’re willing to try more as you grow older (or at least I am). I’ve eaten a chicken heart. I’ve tasted frog legs. (I wouldn’t do either again, but that’s not the point, guys.)  The deal is, I’ve become more adventurous. There’s more to beer than Key Light. There’s more to wine than Franzia.
You think this is silly, I’m sure. THIS IS ABOUT THE KEURIG MACHINE.
Some of you have been drinking coffee since you were a teenager (or earlier?).
Guess what? I didn’t. Anyways, let’s get to the point of the story.


Dear Keurig,

For years, I had heard about this wondrous and exotic machine that made a perfect cup of coffee with the simple press of a button. I didn’t care, though. I didn’t drink coffee. I didn’t really drink caffeine. I was raised on decaf, so I stayed away from coffee. A girl ridden with heart palpitations and thyroid complications, it was what was best. And the anxiety. Did you know caffeine heightens that? It does.
But suddenly, Keurigs were at my disposal. First, they showed up at work. Then Brad’s family bought one. And suddenly, for Christmas, my family had one! And what else was there to do but pop in a K-Cup, press down the handle, pick my cup size, and watch (and smell) a delicious cup of coffee pour in a matter of seconds. I learned that there was more to coffee than the usual stuff you’d get at the gas station or diner (though that can be good, too). There are so many flavors available to use , and in these one-time-use portions that make it so easy to pick and choose and be non-committal. Because of you, I know I like flavored coffees or a nice medium roast doughnut-shop style cup. I like to experiment with flavored creamers (Shout out to International Delights Cinnabon limited edition…) and less and less sugar (I don’t see myself goin’ straight black anytime soon). Because of you, I can treat myself to a hot cocoa or cider anytime I please. Because of you, I can set a cup with a green tea bag below your spout and having boiling water in about a minute, instead of waiting for a teapot to boil.
(Oh, and you also have tea K-cu
ps, you lovely machine you!)
The invention of the Keurig has introduced the wonders of coffee into my life.
Okay, so I often can’t have more than one cup without getting insanely jittery or anxious (I think a lot of people feel this way?), and I do drink decaf if I’m feeling a little Colombian and Cinnabon cream at night. But what’s wrong with that? I know I like coffee now, one of the primo adult beverages around, and that makes me feel just a bit more “grown up.” So…I love you, Keurig. You rock.
Don’t stop what you’re doing. And certainly don’t quit adding flavors to your ever growing list of K-Cups!


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  1. Dear Michallynn,

    Listen...you're great. It's just, I love you, but I'm not in love with you. Can we still be friends?

    The Keurig

    p.s. coffee is a diarrhetic so be careful.