Prohibition Taproom


Here’s a fun fact about my family. When deciding where to eat on a trip, the decision usually gets made based on what restaurants have good beers on tap (and great prices as well). That led us to the Prohibition Taproom on Sunday.
I absolutely adored the place. Even before ordering food or drinks, I fell in love with the atmosphere. It’s so simple and cozy.


I enjoyed just one beer, Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty. And it was delicious!


As for food, they have the usual bar fare, but it’s all very tasty! Their grilled cheese sandwich changes everyday, and Sunday’s was jack, bacon, arugula and pepper served with a little salad and some extremely tasty fries. Brad had a delicious kielbasa and pierogi plate that was on special. It’s such a wonderful little place with different deals and drinks on a daily basis. I really hope to make it there again soon.


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