December, Already


We have made it to the 12th and final month of 2011, guys! I can’t believe December is actually here. I can remember New Year’s Eve/Day like yesterday. Where does the time go? Honestly. But, believe it or not, here we are…24 days away from Christmas (Oh come on, like that’s not really the only reason December rules). I can wholeheartedly say that I’m not excited for winter. It gets bitter, startlingly, and absolutely freezing cold in NEPA, and I don’t really like being cold. I’m cold even when it isn’t cold out. So, you can imagine my disgust with the winter. But I suppose I’m okay with a snow shower here and there, if there is cuddling and hot cocoa involved.


And despite my fear of time flying so fast and the impending doom of seasonal change, I’m excited that the holidays are here. I’ve already purchased a few presents and I’m continually on the hunt for more (giving gifts is BY FAR my favorite part of the season). Christmas music is playing 24/7 on local radio station Magic 93. Lights and decorations are strung and lit up. And I definitely might have choked back tears when finishing trimming the tree at work a couple of days ago…


Here’s to a new month and a fulfilling and exciting  holiday season!

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