Max and Sherri


It was due-time for another crush. This one just so happens to be on an adorable and musically inclined married couple. When I initially bought the tickets for the Max Bemis acoustic show, I was all about seeing him perform some of my favorite Say Anything tunes. Say Anything was pretty much my favorite band back in my college years, and …is a Real Boy remains one of my favorite albums of all time. I’ve seen the band a couple of times before, but I was really excited for this intimate setting (and yes, I definitely teared up once or twice). I knew of the band Eisley and of Sherri Dupree-Bemis (you can follow her on Instagram @sdupreebemis to see so many adorable pictures!!), but seeing them sing together live cemented my love for this duo. All the pictures here were taken from Sherri’s Flickr or Tumblr.




They are just too cute!!!!

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