Outfit: Cardigans, Converse, and Comfort


I think one of my favorite places in the world is the big Salvation Army I frequent. I have found so many incredible articles of clothing there. And there isn’t a time I go where my arm isn’t sore from carrying all the cool things I find. I purchased this oversized cardigan last Wednesday, when I was hunting for my ugly Christmas sweater. I definitely picked up a few more items you’ll see later on.


I’m definitely a big proponent of Converse sneakers. I believe everyone should own at least one pair at all times. I myself have 3 (High Tops>Low Tops). Magenta, green, and the CLASSIC black, which gets the most wear. I don’t wear them as religiously as some people (I think it’s cool that a lot of people have to get a pair annually/bi-annually due to hard wear), but they are comfortable and go with everything. Basically, you are automatically cool if you own Chucks. I don’t care who you are. Your awesome-factor will climb the charts. Just saying.


Cardigan – Thrifted/Tee – American Apparel/Jeans – PacSun/Sneakers – Converse

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