Things I’ve Learned/Realized This Holiday Season


Photo of the Christmas tree through my tumbler.

As the days dwindle towards Christmas, I’ve come to realize and learn a few things this holiday season. As I get older, Christmas changes for me. I have a feeling the way things are now is the way they will be for a while. And that’s not a bad thing.

  1. Keep a list of the people you want to buy presents for/what you might buy them/what you bought them/who’s done and who’s not. This has been really helpful in allowing me to keep from going crazy. I wish I could buy so many things for so many people, but I have to be smart with my insufficient funds. (I know this, because I didn’t really always listen to this rule.)
  2. Online shopping is super-easy, effective, and ideal for me. I love that I could search in the comfort of my own home. I love that I could find original things (Etsy…) that I couldn’t find in any shopping mall or chain store. The whole world is open to you with the internet. This will probably continue to be my primary form of Christmas shopping forever.
  3. For me = Giving > Receiving . While I did have a few things on my Christmas list, it was way easier (and more fun) for me to pick out presents for my friends and family. I don’t expect much this Christmas, but I’m so okay with that.
  4. Upon watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” I’ve realized I am very much like dear old Charlie Brown. It’s so hard to get into the Christmas spirit these days, when everything has become so commercial and so beyond the true meaning. I know that my favorite part of Christmas Eve/Day will be the time I spend with my family and my boyfriend.
  5. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. I largely dislike snow/winter unless I don’t have to do anything (i.e. drive around, scrape the car, shovel…), but there’s something about a snowy Christmas.
  6. I can’t get sick of Christmas music. Seriously. I thought after about a month of listening to it all day at work, I’d be annoyed. But I can’t get enough of it. I mean, you only really get to listen to it for about a month anyway. In fact, I’ve been avoiding listening to “regular” music, just to stay in the spirit.
  7. The song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is seriously creepy. I know this made it cute, but when closely listening to the lyrics…well…EW.
    NO MEANS NO. (Actually, that Elf clip kinda makes it creepy too. But in a cute way!!!)

Happy 4 days!!!!

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