Just Around the Corner….

Christmas is now officially less than a week away! Where has the time gone?
This weekend was a very short, very crazy, very fun blur. I spent all Sunday like this…recuperation mode.

This whole week will be dedicated to keep up Christmas spirit. Music, tree gazing, lookin’ at decorated houses, wrapping presents…the whole gambit! I’m so excited, and yet I still feel a little unprepared and in need of a holiday boost.
One awesome present my friends and I are getting is our friend! My friend, Ed, left us to join the Air Force in Texas. I haven’t seen him since April. I am so excited to see him again…mostly we will just do the usually hanging out and watching funny shows and movies and, of course, getting Mexican food! I just can’t wait to get him back in the gang…even if only for a little while!

I figure that, for the week, I will include some holiday music in my posts, just to help keep you in the spirit! Sorry this is a photo-light post. That’s not like me. But I didn’t do too much that was photogenic. Expect better posts the rest of this week!

Happy 6 days, guys!!!

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