Best of the Year: January–March

Being completely honest, this year got off to a rough start. Some changes were made at work, I had a lot of (mostly) stress-related health issues (this girl got shingles!), and I was a mess in general. Regardless, the year was still a good one, with a lot of memorable moments along the way. I thought I’d break ‘em down for ya in a four post series. Why not?


Despite the bitter cold of winter (which we endured well into April), January was a good month. I started off the year with my boyfriend, sister, and her friends and we had a magnificent time! The rest of the month was filled with little dates, good times with my friends and family, and a visit to see my friend Lauren at her humble abode in Long Island to finish off the month.





If I recall, February was when the stress really got to me. But there were still so many great moments. Playing catch up with my dear friend Lauren, celebrating my first full year anniversary/Valentine’s Day with Brad (a date night filled with fantastic food and funny memories), and weathering the many winter storms that blew our way.




I also came across one of the best music videos of all time. I can still watch this and be totally enthralled.


March was the beginning of better things.
March means my sister’s birthday and the first inklings of Spring, so I had sunshine and various activities and tiny road trips to keep me busy.




That’s the first 1/4 of the year 2011. Trust me, it gets better.
Also, it’s so strange to see that I had long hair in the beginning of the year. Feels like a distant memory…

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