Best of the Year: July–September


July was definitely one of my favorite months of the year. Summer was in full-effect. I also had my week long vacation, and Brad and I had our first little beach-y escape together. We were blessed with beautiful weather…sunshine and warmth that lasted well into the night.  Brad and I went halfsies on an underwater camera which helped log a lot of memories. I also discovered the easiest and tastiest soup recipe that has been repeated a few times, and wrote a love letter to my swimsuit (one of my favorite purchases of the year).




In August, I began to take measures in improving my life. Nothing too crazy or memorable happened as I eased my way back to normality. Things I can remember? Brad beginning his Primal Blueprint lifestyle and purchasing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, which kicked off a nice steady pace of healthy food and exercise (which did eventually die down, but we are desperate to start again!).





September was an EXCELLENT month. Things looked up for me immensely. In fact, this was also probably another favorite month this year.
A lot of people told me I had come out of my shell (one that I had created with my anxiety and stress) and noticed a change in my mood. I started to go out more, expand my little group of friends, put things in the past, and act like a fun 24 year old for once. My first amusement park trip with Brad, a brewery tour with my favorite people, Oktoberfest at the casino with more favorite people, Brad’s birthday, and lots of yummy and different foods from the primal diet.




Almost done with the year…for real!

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