Outfit: Jeans and Tees


I know very well about dressing in my “Sunday Best,” but I am partial to dressing down and staying casual on Sundays. Last Sunday (the 27th, not the 3rd) was insanely gorgeous, no coat weather. So I stuck with a nice, light and fuzzy sweater and one of my favorite Threadless tees. You do know Threadless, right? If you don’t…well, you had better fix that. They have so many great tees and they often have great sales as well. Going with my current obsession with The Muppets, they have an excellent array of tees dedicated to our favorite felt friends.
Another thing I love about Threadless (aside from comfort and great prices) are their subtle pop culture references.


Can you guess what my shirt references? Shirt name is Off the Reservoir. (Answer at the bottom of the post…)


No casual and carefree outfit is complete without a comfy pair of sneaks. I’ve had these Nike high tops for two years now and they are still in mint condish. Ok, so maybe I don’t wear them all the time. That’s probably why. I have lots of shoes. I need to keep it circulating. Whatever.

Sweater – Old Navy/Tee – Threadless/Denim Leggings – PacSun/Sneakers – Nike

Answer to above question: Reservoir Dogs! I love the way they executed the concept.

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